The Cienaga Mochilita


It all started when...

The Cienaga Mochilita is our exclusive collaboration with the Wayuu people of the Guajira peninsula.

Apana and her niece Shire are two head-of-household women that alongside our design team worked to bring together tradition and modernity in this bag. These two magnificent women tirelessly dedicated themselves to overseeing the weaving and sourcing of the new designs the women of their tribe were taught. Veronica and these women travelled back and forth from the remote desert location of the weavers in La Guajira to the city with samples, suggestions, comments and color schemes until the Mochilita was perfectly executed.

The Cienaga Mochilita has a slightly smaller version of the traditional Wayuu bucket and adjustable handles. It is designed to carry everything you need during the day without even losing its shape. The adjustable handles make it easy to carry as a shoulder bag, on your arm or in your hand, so it will take you from the gym to the office to happy hour with ease. No need to fear wear and tear because it is made to last in the best Wayuu weave. 

Every purchase supports the weavers directly, specifically in programs that bring water filtration system to the villages. The north of the Guajira peninsula, being desert land, is scarce in water and also in basic utilities.

At Cienaga, we are committed to bettering and extending the lives of crafts and craftspeople.