Hannia Char Artwear

Welcome to the orders page for Hannia Char Artwear.

Congratulations, if you are here, it means you have passed the designer's screening with flying colors, and she wants you to carry her products! Now, how can we help you with your order? 

    First, flip through the images below and decide what your order will be comprised of. Keep in mind that these designs can be modified to a certain extent, pending designer and artisan approval.

    Please download the form below and send it to the email that contacted you it once it is filled out

    The terms are as follows:

    • A deposit of 50% is required to place an order. 
    • The remaining 50% will be charged upon notification of shipping. 
    • Credit card only (wire transfers may be allowed in some cases).
    • Minimum 20 hats per order.
    • You will sign a binding contract that forbids you from selling under $100 without previous authorization from SHOPCIENAGA.com.
    • Any modifications to the designs belong to the designer. 
    • S&H not included.