Behind the brand with Pipirisnais

Designer Maria Meza gives us a peak into the inspiration and conception of her statement-making handmade jewelry brand: Pipirisnais.

Q: Where does Pipirisnais come from?

A: I truly believe that wearing pieces that make a statement empowers both men and women. Pipirisnais was created to empower. We believe in this beautiful genderless fashion. If you put your Pipirisnais on, then you're ready to say something and to be subject of conversation at the bar, museum, or wherever you decide to go.

Q: What is the inspiration for this line?

MARIA 2.jpg

A: This line came to me one night while I was drawing the things in my head and in my life. I created pieces from what I know, and believe me, I know how to have fun. This line comes from the most colorful part of my soul: Sexuality, magic, equality, shapes, colors and lots of glitter. I can say the idea of this line was conceived in New York yet Mexico is an essential part of this dream.

Q: How does the New York-Mexico relationship work?


A: New York inspired all the materials, colors, and textures. New York is my everything. To be able to live in this place is just colorful and amazing. If you come to New York, you will be inspired, it doesn't matter what kind of person you are... New York shows you what are you made of, it's that kind of city.  As soon as I started drawing this collection I found the most amazing acrylic and mirrors to work with. I fell in love. I had options for this line, something like metal.


Thinking about whomever wears it, these materials frame any type of face perfectly, they are lightweight, and reflect light. Every piece is put together by hand in a small studio in Mexico City. I am from Latin America. We have many talented people in Latin America. My inspiration is from my life around the world, but I feel it is Latin American at its core.  My crafts people and I are family. They fell in love with Pipirisnais. To me, it was most gratifying to witness them connect to the brand as much as I did. Mexican people are known for their originality and uniqueness. Anything Mexican is uniquely special and it has a shiny essence... I love my country, it's just MAGIC.

Q: Last but certainly not least, what items from Cienaga’s closet would your pair your earrings with?

A: I'm obsessed with the Baloo Tangerine Bag and the Classic Wrap One Piece Swimsuit. I will wear them with our Trapecio Earrings in black and yellow <3

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